commsLAB uses reputation information as investment criteria as well as for investment decisions on the stock markets.

Our benchmark-oriented investment approach is based on the contextual analysis, structuring and evaluation of reputation-relevant, publicly available information on Swiss listed companies with a strong resonance.

The result is a unique and completely stand-alone weighting strategy that reflects the long-term positive reputation effects of companies via overweights in the active investment strategy.

Based on this investment approach, commsLAB is now launching – together with the financial boutique Brevalia AG – the first reputation-based investment product in Switzerland.

The certificate issued by Zürcher Kantonalbank under the name of “ZKB Tracker Certificate Dynamic on Swiss Reputation Selection Basket” identifies the 20 best-reputed companies out of around 100 companies listed on the Swiss stock exchange and ranks them by reputation. The aim is to generate a sustainable excess return over the benchmark SPI (Swiss Performance Index). Stock selection and weighting are based on the Sedimented Reputation Index® (SRI®) developed by commsLAB AG and the fög – University of Zurich.

The following video shows a historical simulation of titles and underlying sectors in the basket from 2006 to 2020:

The “ZKB Tracker Certificate Dynamic on Swiss Reputation Selection Basket” was launched on 20 October 2020 with a four-week subscription period. The subscription period ends on 20 November 2020 and the first trading day is scheduled for 27 November 2020.

All relevant information on the certificate can be found at: