Consulting and Profile Management

Consulting for Strategy and Communications

commsLAB AG is a research-based consulting boutique offering profile-compliant solutions for a value-adding assessment and positioning of organizations. 

We identify. Trend spotting of important economic and socio-political narratives

We analyze. Analysis of the effects on tangible and intangible value-adding factors

We consult. High consulting expertise based on empirical data

We support organizations with concrete decision criteria for a long-term profile-compliant and value-adding positioning. We advise organizations in particular in the following areas:


Strategic Positioning

Profile Management

Based on an empirical, scientifically sound data basis, we point out concrete opportunities for action

whether and where the public appearance of your organization needs to be corrected

whether and where fundamental strategic course corrections need to be done

whether and where the credibility and attractiveness of your profile is threatened

Our Claim: Profile-Compliant Solutions

A distinctive and authentic corporate profile is the indispensable compass of any organization. The profile plays a key role in managing and controlling the relevant perception of an organization – both internally and externally. The profile must be both attractive and credible.

Profile management: What you can expect

Ensuring or restoring profile compliance is our highest maxim

  • We support you in ensuring that your organization is perceived according to its own profile – internally and externally.
  • We advise you in the development and management of a distinctive and authentic corporate profile.
  • We always make sure that credibility is not threatened by the divergence of words and deeds.
  • We consistently involve our clients in this process, knowing that a credible organizational profile cannot be dictated from the outside.

For the concrete implementation we ensure that…

  • there is a clear idea of what constitutes or “holds together” one’s own profile and how this profile can be proven with concrete strategic and communicative activities.
  • the profile is balanced three-dimensionally (i.e. functional, social and expressive).
  • the profile is anchored in the existing organizational culture
  • one’s own organizational history is used as a profile-forming narrative.
  • the profile is consistently exemplified by the key representatives of the organization.